Online Classroom

    • Christmas Mobile & Tablet Strategies

44% of Searches For Last-Minute Holiday Gifts Will Be Mobile in the US. EMEA Won’t be far behind. Do you have a Mobile Strategy Yet? Join us to find out how big Mobile could be for your business this Christmas and what tools Google Offers to help you capitalise on this opportunity.

    • YouTube and Video Advertising

In this live webinar you will learn about the different ways of targeting users on YouTube and will learn about how you can make the most out of any existing presence you may already have on YouTube. In today’s online environment video has become more important than ever before and as an advertiser there are numerous ways in which you can leverage online video through YouTube. This live course will be presented by a YouTube specialist and would suit all advertisers interested in growing their profile on YouTube.

    • Building Your Brand Online

Using online advertising for branding is not the same as direct response – this webinar will look at strategies you can use to achieve your branding goals online whether they are band awareness, brand engagement or brand loyalty goals. We’ll also look at which metrics to use to measure your branding campaigns’ performance. You may not be aware how to strategically use Google’s ad networks and YouTube for branding but this webinar aims to show you how!

    • Getting started


    • Tips for making your ads better


    • How to measure success


    • Beyond the basics


    • Specifically for agencies


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