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5. The fabulous ROI powers of the Conversion Optimiser

How to save time and get better ROI with Conversion Optimiser. With this free bidding feature, you decide how much you want to pay for each sale or lead, then let AdWords set and adjust your bids to meet that goal. Join the Conversion Optimiser team for an overview and useful tips. Who it is […]

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4. Google Analytics: Your top three reports

How to use Google Analytics reports to find “sweet spots” you can build on in your AdWords campaigns. Learn to identify focus points and make the clever changes that lead to better performance. This lesson shows how to set up your own free Analytics account, then use what you learn to make smart decisions on […]

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3. Google Analytics: Set up and first steps

Google Analytics is a great way to get clear return-on-investment data for your ads. In this course we will discuss how to specify your advertising goals, and making sure that you are tracking the data you want. Who it is for: Advanced advertisers with more complex websites, such as subdomains or 3rd-party shopping carts.

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2. What happens after the click? Google Analytics knows

This course will tell you about Google Analytics: a free tool that shows what happens *after* users click your ad and land on your website. Do they visit the pages you want? Do they make a purchase? You’ll learn how to create an Analytics account, link it to AdWords, and install the simple code that […]

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1. Turn more clicks into profits with Conversion Tracking

Conversion Tracking shows you which user clicks on your AdWords ads lead to the sales or signups you want. In this lesson you’ll see how to use Conversion Tracking to analyse your return on investment (ROI), see which ads work best, spot areas for improvement, and turn more clicks into profits. Who it is for: […]

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4. The ABCs of bidding

How to set your cost-per-click bids to get the best possible return from your AdWords budget. We’ll show you how to calculate your value per click (the most you can profitably pay for a click) and how to test CPC bids to find the ideal price point. Who it is for: Experienced AdWords users who […]

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3. Use AdWords data to improve your ads

How to use your AdWords data to get more value from your ads. This lesson helps you find the keywords and ads that have the biggest impact on your success, to then monitor and tweak them for best results. Who it is for: AdWords advertisers who are new to reporting tools like filters and custom […]

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2. The Opportunities tab: Custom tips just for you

The Opportunities tab offers keyword, budget, and bid suggestions tailored just for you. This lesson explains how, and shows how other advertisers use the Opportunities tab to improve their results. Who it is for: AdWords users who want to learn how to find and implement custom ideas for better ad performance.

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1. Ways to boost your AdWords performance

Tips on how to choose the right keywords, write compelling ads, and more. We’ll also show you the steps to take when you have a specific goal in mind. Who it is for: Advertisers of all levels who want to improve the performance of their AdWords ads.

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5. Why can’t I see my ad?

“Why can’t I see my ad?” is the question asked most often by AdWords users. In this lesson you’ll follow the same steps our own Google specialists use to find out why you don’t see your ad when you search for your keywords. Learn how to spot the problem and get your ads back up […]

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