Domain Names & Website Hosting

How do you get your new website to show up on the internet?

The first step is to choose a domain name: this is the name used as an address (like a telephone number) to identify your website. This usually takes the format of or similar, possibly related to your business, depending upon your own special requirements.

The next step is to choose where you will host your website.

Your website information files have to be stored on a powerful computer which is permanently connected to the internet.

This computer is called the host computer: literally where your website lives so whenever anyone seeks your website they automatically visit this computer then your website displays on their computer screen.

The type of hosting package you need depends on how complex is your site. For example basic websites need less advanced packages than online shopping sites.

Whatever your needs zero-time can help you find a domain name, and we can offer many affordable hosting packages to suit your individual requirements without breaking the budget.

Full technical support is included.

Call 0191 261 1186 and see if we may help you get started on the internet, stress-free.