Search Engine Optimisation

Your website must be easy to find by people who have a need for what you offer. This is arguably the single most important feature of your website.

There is no point in having an internet presence through an all-singing all-dancing website if no-one can find it!

The process of making your website discoverable on the internet is called Search Engine Optimisation: popularly known as S E O.

There is no magic bullet to give page one results, rather a strategy for your entire website which starts the moment you begin planning. Likewise there are no guarantees you will be top of the search results, unless of course you are prepared to spend huge sums of money with that well-known search engine beginning with G!

A properly designed website with good architecture and relevant information will certainly put you ahead of most searches: zero-time has the skill and experience to guide and advise you from start to finish so your finalised website will match or exceed your expectations without costing loads of money.

In many cases less really is more, and it would be better to emphasise a few special points about your business than try and cover all bases.

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