Website Development

The secret of providing an effective website which attracts people to visit you lies in the planning: consider what your customers want to see, not what you want to see on the site. Understand what your customers and visitors want, and you are well placed to meet their needs on your website.

At zero-time we adopt a very simple staged plan where we discuss what you want to achieve, then work with you from your original idea right through to final live website. When we have agreed an outline plan, the work starts.

Along the way we visit logo design, branding, marketing, and search optimisation so visitors can find your site easily.

During development you can view how work is progressing on your own website through our secure server.

When your website is finally launched we continue to work with you to ensure everything works according to plan with no problems.

If you want to maintain your own website we offer instruction and training to ensure you gain maximum benefit from your investment.

Some customers may already have a website, but it is not working and not bringing the required traffic or customers.

In this case zero-time is the perfect partner to review your entire website presence and offer a complete solution to improve the performance of an under-performing site.

It may require Search Engine Optimisation or it may require different scripts or improved navigation. Whatever is required we shall discuss fully all available options to get you up and running effectively and economically.

Need a website in another language? Want to address overseas markets or specific communities? We are experts in multi-language websites.

Using the latest techniques we promise to give you the very best service and value for money available along with ongoing support.

Our aim is for you to have an enjoyable experience building your site, and for your website visitors to have the ultimate user experience.

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